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ダニエル先生、ゴールデンウィーク中に キャンプを楽しんだようです。

Over Golden Week I got my first camping experience in Japan.  It was
really nice to meet some new people, sit back and relax.  My friends
cooked up some chicken and beef on the grill while we all got together
to talk together and drink.  Even though it was my first camping
experience in Japan I felt so comfortable and relaxed, it seemed to be
very similar to a camping experience in Canada although I think my
friends prepared for camping much better than me and my friends in
Canada would have.  We also cooked up some super spicy yakisoba, my
friends said it was too spicy so I ended up eating most of it. Towards
the end of the night we had a campfire and some of the kids had a
special package called “ArtFire” that they threw into the fire to make
the fire change colours from blue to green, it was my first time to
see something like that and it reminded me of a fire version of the
Aurora Borealis.  The smell of a campfire was really nostalgic for me
and brought back memories of camping with my family as a child.  I
wonder if camping is as popular in Japan as it is back in Canada,
regardless I had a lot of fun and I think everyone else did as well.
I would like to go camping again soon and for a longer time to relax
and enjoy the outdoors.  What did you do for Golden Week, I hope
everyone had a fun and relaxing week.  As always, stay safe and I hope
everybody has a good weekend.