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Do you believe in visualization? Lately I’ve been watching a lot of videos on Youtube about the power of visualizing your goals into reality. It’s about living your dreams and not your nightmares. One of my best motivational speakers goes by the name “Les Brown”. His speeches are very moving to me. It’s like taking a morning vitamin of pure life and energy. It gives me the confidence and energy I need to get through the day. Also I listen to a compilation of speakers from many different genres. Some are movie stars, sportsmen, world leaders, and regular individuals who strive and are destined for greatness. So if you need a little “pick me upper” in your day then I recommend listening to different motivational speakers and find the ones that moves you best. I swear to you it works, PEACE!
visualization: 視覚化
compilation: 編集物
strive: 努力する
destine: 運命づける
motivational speaker:動機付けスピーカー

中でもマーク先生がYoutubeではまっているのが アメリカのLes Brownという人で、米下院議員、著者、ラジオDJ、テレビ司会者などの経歴を持ち、”It’s possible!” (それは可能です!)をキャッチフレーズに活動をする最も有名な動機付けスピーカーの一人です。