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This has been a good week for me to eat some different types of food.

While I know they are very common for most Japanese people, I still haven’t had the chance to eat them so often. I was lucky to have been able to eat a lot of really tasty meals over the past couple of days.
First I had yakiniku which I found to be really fun as well as delicious.  In Canada I would really enjoy barbecuing in the backyard, and although it’s inside it’s still really enjoyable.
I also got to have salted octopus sashimi which is one of my favourite foods.  Many of my friends think that it’s strange but it’s so tasty to me.
Finally I had spicy shoyu ramen.  I really love spicy foods so I try to get the spiciest dishes there are to offer whenever I get the chance.
Japan has so many delicious foods to try and I have only scratched the surface.  I hope everyone is staying safe, having a wonderful weekend.


A bag for life?


eco-friendly bag
reusable bag
reusable shopping bag
shopping bag
tote bag
shopping tote
bag for life (一生使えるバッグ)という呼び方はイギリスでしか通用しないかもしれません。