Blog – Daniel

Daniel 先生の日記
It’s been a long time since I have celebrated Halloween but I still
have fond memories of the fall season in Canada.  Everybody gets
really excited for this season even now.  It’s a time where kids can
go out with their friends and collect candy, friends can get together
and watch scary movies, and adults will throw parties with all of
their friends.  For my first Halloween I dressed up as a dinosaur, it
was my favourite costume and I used it for many years.  Me and my
parents would walk around the neighbourhood and collect candy late
into the night.  When we got home I would empty my bag of candy on to
the floor, sort through everything I had collected and organize my
favourite candies.  After a couple years of Halloween my parents
started to realize I was eating too much of the candy at once so they
started to take it away from me, hide the bag and ration it out to me
so that I wouldn’t eat it all at once.  As I grew into my teens it
wasn’t so “cool” to go trick or treating with your parents anymore so
me and my friends would all meet up at one of our houses dress up and
go out for many hours collecting candy and then when we were finished
we would come back to one of our parents houses and talk about our
favourite houses, costumes, and decorations we saw that night.  Once
you hit a certain age trick or treating is no longer seen as
acceptable and if you go to houses to collect candy the owners of the
house will start to chastise you and say “Aren’t you a little too old
for this?”.  So once we turned 18 we would start to have our own
Halloween parties and watch scary movies together or go camping and
tell scary stories to each other around the campfire while cooking
marshmallows.  Some people really love Halloween so much that they
spend many hours decorating their homes to be like a haunted house.
Is Halloween as popular in Japan as it is in Canada?  What will you do
for Halloween?   I hope you get to enjoy this Halloween as much as
possible.  Have fun and stay safe.